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The Essential Rosanne Cash

Sony Legacy

Produced by Rosanne Cash and Gregg Geller

“Seven Year Ache” – Live from Zone C


“September When It Comes” – Live from Zone C


“Black Cadillac” – Live from Zone C

Track Listing

    Disc 1

  1. Can I Still Believe In You
  2. Baby, Better Start Turnin Em Down
  3. No Memories Hangin Round (featuring Bobby Bare)
  4. Seven Year Ache
  5. Blue Moon With Heartache
  6. My Baby Thinks He's A Train
  7. It Hasn't Happened Yet
  8. I Wonder
  9. If It Weren t For Him (featuring Vince Gill)
  10. I Don't Know Why You Don't Want Me
  11. Never Be You
  12. Hold On
  13. Runaway Train
  14. The Way We Make A Broken Heart
  15. If You Change Your Mind
  16. It's Such A Small World (featuring Rodney Crowell)
  17. Tennessee Flat Top Box
  18. I Don't Want To Spoil The Party
  19. Disc 2

  20. The Real Me
  21. On The Surface
  22. What We Really Want
  23. I Want A Cure
  24. Mirror Image
  25. The Wheel
  26. Seventh Avenue
  27. Sleeping In Paris
  28. A Lover Is Forever
  29. Western Wall
  30. September When It Comes (featuring Johnny Cash)
  31. Black Cadillac
  32. House On The Lake
  33. The World Unseen
  34. The Good Intent
  35. 500 Miles
  36. Sea Of Heartbreak (featuring Bruce Springsteen)
  37. Sweet Memories (featuring Chris Thile)

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