“One of the best accounts of an American life you’ll likely ever read.” – Chicago Tribune

Composed is the story of an artist finding her voice. Beginning with a childhood spent on an almost surreal, snake-infested Southern California hilltop, Rosanne traces her fraught relationship with her father, country legend Johnny Cash, whose frequent absences and struggles with drugs left her mother, Vivian, disappointed and bitter. She shares her memories of a comical stint at a job in London, a hapless twenty-year-old desperate to find her own style, and of cutting her own first record on a German label. She recalls gradually working her way to chart-topping success, her marriage to Rodney Crowell—a union that made them country music’s premier couple—and the composition and recording of the landmark album Interiors. After leaving Nashville and Crowell for New York, she confronts the loss of her parents, charting the course of her mourning through music, and finds fulfillment in motherhood and in her husband and musical collaborator, John Leventhal.

As moving, disarming, and elusive as one of her classic songs, Composed is Rosanne’s luminous testament to the power of art, tradition, and love to transform a life.