In Her Own Words: Rosanne Cash, Gillian Welch, Ani DiFranco, Janis Ian, Valerie June & More Share Their Passion for Guitar

By Whitney Phaneuf, Anna Pulley, Karen Peterson & Pauline France

Acoustic Guitar

“When the editors of Acoustic Guitar decided to carve out a special section on the topic of women, guitars, and success, I was hesitant. The sheer act of compiling women guitarists, educators, and luthiers into a segregated list implies that their artistry is somehow defined by their gender. I’ve come to resent the mainstream music magazines’ annual “Women’s Issue,” a token honor tossed out once-a-year instead of showcasing women in every issue. It was only after I spoke to Rosanne Cash, following the taping of her 2016 Acoustic Guitar Session, that I realized this focus had an opportunity to change our readers’ perspectives. …” —Whitney Phaneuf, managing editor

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