Rosanne on today's Copyright Directive vote


It’s finally here. Today, members of the European Parliament will vote on the proposed new Copyright Directive - and whatever the result, it’s likely to have far-reaching ramifications for the music business.

Most of the music business is lined up squarely behind the proposals, including the controversial Article 13, which would make internet platforms liable for their content, meaning the likes of YouTube would have to remove unlicensed content or obtain different licenses. The tech lobby, unsurprisingly, disagrees, with YouTube’s Robert Kyncl making a rare public statement against the proposals.

Many artists, meanwhile, have to walk a tightrope between campaigning for a better deal while working with YouTube. The other day, former Fugees star Wyclef Jean broke ranks and wrote an anti-Article 13 blog for Politico that claimed such platforms were “less threat, more opportunity”.

Not all his fellow musicians agree. Rosanne Cash, Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and vice president at large of artist advocacy organisation Content Creators Coalition, today hits back with an exclusive opinion piece for Music Week, explaining why it’s so vital that MEPs vote in favour today. Read on…

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UPDATE: Article 13 has passed!!

Reed Watson