Rosanne Retires the Guitar Strap: A Note


After performing in Northampton, MA last night, I dreamed that my beloved guitar strap was stolen.

In the dream, I was completely distraught, as I would be if it actually happened. This morning, I was so shaken that I decided to retire the strap, and when we got home today I put it away and John gave me one of his for the next trip.

I have to admit that I’m a little teary and sad about not wearing it anymore. The CASH patch was from my dad’s Air Force uniform and I found it in his desk after he died. I had it sewn into my strap and I’ve been wearing it since 2003. It’s a miracle it hasn’t been taken or lost before now, as I’ve traveled a million miles and been to a million venues where security is sometimes lax.

My tour manager heaved a sigh of relief this morning when I told him I was retiring it, and said that he worried about it all the time. 

Welcome home, dear guitar strap! You’ve served me well!

Reed Watson